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How to set the table?

Setting a nice table, for a formal dinner, a festive meal or with friends, requires to know a few details. More than just decoration, arranging the glasses or the cutlery is very important in tableware. Read more »

  • Added on 06/26/2015

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How to remove rust?

Apart from rust removers, more ecological methods can be used to remove rust or rust stains from metal, ceramic or fabrics. It can be sodium bicarbonate, lemon, vinegar or even Coca-Cola. Read more »

  • Added on 05/28/2015

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How to tie shoelaces?

Because shoes don't always come with Velcro fasteners and because tighten laces support the ankle better, it's important to know how to tie them. Here are different lacing techniques. Read more »

  • Added on 04/30/2015

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How to clean a carpet?

A stain or a dirty mark on the carpet is not dramatic, especially when you know fast and effortless tricks to remove it. It is thus possible to remove spilled coffee, to make a maintenance clean-up or a dry cleaning. Read more »

  • Added on 04/01/2015


How to make a dream catcher?

The Indian dream catcher is an integral part of the Native American culture. The legend has it that, while its owner sleeps, the dream catcher traps all the nightmares, this way only the nice dreams remain. Read more »

  • Added on 03/24/2015

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