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How to install a roller shutter?

Installing rolling shutters on a window or a door is a good way to improve thermal insulation and soundproofing, add a protection against intrusion and easily control interior light. Read more »

  • Added on 08/25/2015


How to install a sliding door?

Decorative and convenient, sliding doors enable space optimization. Whether it's glass, wood, aluminium or PVC, the door slides on a track fixed on the ground or suspended, mounted on a frame or with full access sliding (integrated into the wall). Read more »

  • Added on 08/06/2015


How to clean a roof?

To maintain a roof and make it last, it is essential to clean it, remove the moss and treat it every year. To clean the roof of your house by yourself, you can follow our recommendations. Read more »

  • Added on 07/17/2015

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How to fix a toilet flush?

To avoid having to call a plumber for leaking toilets, a DIYer can, with a few basic tools, fix a leak, a tank coated with scale, incorrectly set ballfloat or a damaged mechanism. Read more »

  • Added on 07/10/2015

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How to change a fuse?

When an electrical device doesn't work anymore, the problem may come from a faulty or blown fuse on the electrical board. Let's see how to detect that kind of failure and how to replace a fuse. Read more »

  • Added on 07/10/2015

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How to lay tiles on the floor?

There are several techniques to lay tiles on the floor. To get the job done right, pick the right tools, check the video tutorials, choose your method and follow our tips. Read more »

  • Added on 07/03/2015

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How to hide wires and cables?

All kinds of wire invade the house and ruin our decoration. Hopefully, there are ways to conceal our electrical devices wires and cables. Read more »

  • Added on 07/03/2015

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How to hang a picture frame?

To hang a mirror, a picture or an ornament on a wall, the fixing system and technique will be related to the item's size and weight. Before choosing a kind of fastening, check the type of wall material. Read more »

  • Added on 06/25/2015

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How to build a bird nesting box?

To attract birds in your garden, you can easily build, using scrap wood or salvage materials, a nesting box where birds will be able to settle and feed on seeds. Read more »

  • Added on 06/19/2015

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How to install a door?

To easily replace or install a door in your home, take a look at our tips and demonstration videos, use the right tools and carry out the work step by step. Read more »

  • Added on 06/15/2015

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