How to swim crawl?

To swim crawl properly, it is necessary to understand the different body moves, especially for the arms. With a good technique, water is pulled then pushed, bringing a dynamic and a facility to breathe.

Crawl is usually chosen by swimmers during freestyle trials because it's considered to be the fastest. But before pulling the stopwatch out, it is important to know the different postures of the members. If the legs kicks are regular, arms rotate alternately: pulling and pushing. The arms also allow you to breathe properly.

Perfect Front Crawl – Swimming Advice From Simply Swim

Key steps:

  1. Your body has to be parallel with the water and as flat as possible.
  2. The arms are rolling side to side.
  3. Breathe every three or five strokes.
  4. Don't have your head to low in the water.
  5. The leading arm has to be fully extended before catching the water.
  6. Feet and ankles have to be as loosed and relaxed as possible.
  7. Make sure you don't kick from the knees.

Front crawl Swimming technique – arms underwater

Key steps:

  1. Once your hand has entered the water, focus on the catch phase of the stroke.
  2. Make sure your hand is making the biggest surface possible, like a large paddle.
  3. Ensure that you're making a curved pull to make it powerful.

Front crawl Swimming Technique – Breathing

Keys steps:

  1. Only breathe in when the mouth is out of the water.
  2. Only inhale from the mouth.
  3. Don't try to exhale at this point as well.
  4. Exhale when the head returns underwater, both through mouth and nose.

How to Breathe during a Front Crawl | Swimming Lessons

Key steps to breathe every stroke:

  1. Pull and take a breath.
  2. Your face goes back in the water.
  3. Pull with your left arm while your face is still in the water.
  4. Pull and take a breath.
  5. Your face goes back in the water.
  6. Pull with your left arm while your face is still in the water.
  7. Etc.

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