How to make a hammock?

Ideal to lie, rest, or read while being hang, a hammock has to be fixed between two trees, two posts or any steady and solid points of attachment. So you can gently swing above the ground alone, with someone or with the whole family.

Originally from Mexico, a hammock is an ancestral tradition, particularly in Yucatàn. Especially woven to be able to support heavy weights, it enables you to read and rest while swinging a few centimetres above the floor. For bivouacs in the country side, it also prevent from bad surprises that may come from bugs or snakes on the ground. Human beings are not the only ones to enjoy a hammock. Small rodents like ferrets, hamsters or pet rats like them too. This article provides tutorials to learn how to make hammocks, for both the human and the animal version.

Some tip before starting:

  • Use very strong rope.
  • Make sure that the installation is really secure before using the hammock.
  • Firmly tighten all the knots.

How To Make A Hammock

Tools and materials:

  • Drill
  • 14 pieces of braided cotton rope
  • 2 pieces of heavy rope
  • Two pieces of wood

Key steps:

  1. Drill holes in the pieces of wood, accordingly to the width of the hammock you want to build.
  2. Add two bigger holes at each end of both pieces of wood.
  3. Take a piece of cotton rope.
  4. Starting at one end of a piece of wood, fit a piece of rope into the 3rd and the 4th hole.
  5. Repeat with all the other ropes.
  6. Weave the ropes along the entire length.
  7. Secure all the rope's ends through the holes in the other piece of wood.
  8. Trim the excess of rope.
  9. Use the two free holes at the end of the pieces of wood to fix the heavier rope.
  10. Make a loop at both ends to hang the hammock.

How to make a Blanket Hammock

Tools and materials:

  • A blanket
  • Paracord
  • Small rocks

Key steps:

  1. Make a slipknot at one end of the paracord.
  2. Fold the blanket in half.
  3. Take one rock and place it at one corner of the folded blanket.
  4. Bring the opposite corner of the blanket over.
  5. Secure the blanket around the rock with the paracord.
  6. Attach this first end around a tree.
  7. Unroll the rope and repeat as before for the opposite end of the hammock.
  8. Secure the hammock to the other tree.

Make a Hammock in 3 Minutes

Tools and materials:

  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tablecloth
  • 2 Continuous loops made out of rope

Key steps:

  1. Fold the tablecloth in half four times (as described on the video).
  2. Take one loop and wrap it at one end of the tablecloth.
  3. Repeat on the other end of the tablecloth.

Alternative method:

  1. Stitch a small channel on the border of the cloth.
  2. Fit a zip tie through the channel to gather the end.
  3. Use a loop a both ends to attach the hammock.

How To Make a Hamster Hammock

Tools and materials:

  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Pet fleece
  • Woollen thread

Key steps:

  1. Cut the fleece to the size you want the hammock to be.
  2. Fold the fleece in half and line them up corner to corner.
  3. Pin down the edges.
  4. Sew the edges all the way along, leaving a gap at one corner.
  5. Turn the fleece over.
  6. Stitch the across gap.
  7. With the scissors, make a hole at each corner of the hammock.
  8. Pass the woollen thread through the holes to hang the hammock up.

This article to learn how to make a hammock was written by Cécile Lessard

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