How to make a bow?

From the conception of the string to the arrow's and the wood work, making a bow requires either technique or good guidelines. It's also possible to build one out of natural materials in survival conditions.

A bow is, above all, a weapon that has been used for ages by humans to hunt or to defend themselves. It is therefore dangerous and should be handled with caution. Traditionally, it's made out of a string tied to the ends of a branch. If the creation of such bows is part of traditional craftsmanship, some guidelines may help you build a more or less elaborate model. The techniques explained below will show you how to build different kinds of bows and arrows.

Make A PVC Takedown Bow, Really powerful

Tools and materials:

  • Heat gun
  • Drill
  • Utility knife
  • Three PVC pipes (one larger than the two others)
  • Piece of wood
  • String
  • Duct tape

Key steps:

  1. Heat the narrow PVC tubes.
  2. Put a piece of wood on top of the pipe and press to flatten the tubes.
  3. Heat the tubes at one end and curve them.
  4. Drill a hole at one end of one of the tubes.
  5. Carve a notch at one end of the other tube.
  6. Heat the larger PVC tube.
  7. Slide both unheated ends of the narrow tubes into the largest one.
  8. Make an arrow rest with a small piece of PVC.
  9. Attach the string at the ends of the bow.

How to make a Mini Bow and Arrow

Tools and materials:

  • Utility knife
  • Silicon gun
  • Tape
  • Several large sticks
  • String
  • Cork

Key steps:

  1. Put two sticks together and tape them.
  2. Repeat for two other sticks.
  3. Cut two small stick pieces.
  4. Use them to fix the taped sticks together as shown.
  5. Attach the string at both ends of the bow.
  6. Carve the tip of an arrow in the cork.
  7. Put it at one end of a stick and seal with silicone.
  8. Repeat for as many arrows as you want.

Building a Survival Bow and Arrow

Key steps:

  1. Choose three thin and long branches.
  2. Remove all the small branches.
  3. Using a strong string, tie two of the branches together.
  4. Bend the branches a little to make them flexible.
  5. Tie the third branch to the others.
  6. Carve a notch at each end of the bow.
  7. Attach the string to the bow.
  8. Find straight a fine branch to make the shaft of the arrow.
  9. Remove the bark.
  10. Take a piece of tin to make the tip of the arrow.
  11. Fold it a few times and attach it to the arrow shaft.
  12. Secure the tip of the arrow with a string.
  13. Use tape to make the feathers.

Batak Tribesman Shows How To Make A Quick Survival Bow And Arrow

In this video you will see the very authentic and traditional way of making a bow and carving arrows out of bamboo.

This article to learn how to make a bow was written by Cécile Lessard

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