How to install a caravan awning?

When doing it for the first time, setting an awning on a caravan or a camper may end being difficult. These videos, describing different models, should help you to install your awning without difficulty.

Practical tips:

  • Install your caravan on a flat surface to avoid different levels for the awning's legs.
  • Don't install your caravan to close to the sea, the spray may ruin the canvas.
  • Install the frame first, beginning with the angles then the legs with the help of several people to lift the roof.
  • Completely close the awning's zips before stretching the canvas and securing the installation into the ground.
  • Apply a greasy product (like a lubricant) on the bars to assemble them more easily.
  • Tightly stretch the roof of the awning to prevent water from accumulating.
  • Once the awning is installed, use coloured tape to mark the frame and the poles. This should make the next assembling easier.
  • To prevent any damps stains or decay, clean the whole equipment and let it dry before storing it.

Setting Up A Caravan Roll Out Awning – Top Tourist Parks

Key steps:

  1. Unblock the travel locks at both ends.
  2. Undo the ratchet.
  3. Pull the awning.
  4. Pull the arms.
  5. Put the legs up and lock them.
  6. Lock the arms support.
  7. Unblock and install the centre support arm.
  8. To close the awning, just reverse the order of the opening steps.

How to Erect a Caravan Awning

Key steps:

  1. Lay out the frame in front of the caravan.
  2. Unfold the awning.
  3. Put the two front panels aside.
  4. Find the leading edge of the awning bead and feed it into the awning channel.
  5. Feed the awning all the way around the channel.
  6. Attach the brackets pads.
  7. Assemble the frame to the awning, starting with the centre roof pole.
  8. Attach the centre leg and angle it back towards the caravan.
  9. Install the side roof poles and legs.
  10. Attach the front poles.
  11. Adjust the leg heights.
  12. Attach the canopy tension poles.
  13. Zip in the two front panels.
  14. Make sure the mudwall is tucked underneath the awning.
  15. Attach and secure the pegs.

Crusader Denver Caravan Awning Erection

Key steps:

  1. Thread the awning skirt through the bottom awning rail.
  2. Lay out the frame.
  3. Thread the canopy along the awning channel.
  4. Attach the bracket pads.
  5. Install the poles, starting with the middle then the sides.
  6. Add the inner and front poles.
  7. Zip the side and front panels.
  8. Attach the curtains.
  9. Secure the installation with the pegs.

This article to learn how to install a caravan awning was written by Cécile Lessard

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luke Smith commentaire ajouté le 10/25/2016 à 02h04

Super helpful video on how to install a caravan awning. I imagine that when buying a used caravan, having seen these videos will help me know what to look for to make sure the awning is functioning properly. My uncle has been thinking of buying one, so I'll pass this on to him.

Zequek Estrada commentaire ajouté le 03/29/2016 à 03h32

I really like these advice on how to install a caravan awning. It was nice that there was videos as well as the key steps listed underneath. Hopefully I can now try and find a an awning for a good price.

Judy Wilson commentaire ajouté le 03/11/2016 à 01h21

I liked that you posted how to make assembling a caravan awning easier for the second installation. It seems like installing an awning over my caravan is pretty tricky, so I need to know anything that could make assembling it in the future easier. Using colored tape to mark the frame and the poles would really help with that, so I'll keep that in mind.

KaelDrake commentaire ajouté le 12/21/2015 à 21h10

I'm happy that I came across your post! We recently bought a caravan awning, but I don't know how to install it! Your post was really helpful in that regard, especially with all of the videos that you have accompanying the instructions. The combination of the two makes the whole installation process very clear, so I don't think that I'm going to have any problem setting up my awning! I'll make sure to have your installation steps on hand as I install the awning! Thank you for the help!

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