How to draw a character?

With a little technique and practice, drawing a character (cartoon, comic book, Manga) is within the reach of anyone. Once the figure is drawn, details like the face expression or the body shadows can be added.

Practical tips:

  • Start by roughly sketching the outlines of the character, making sure you respect the proportions of the different parts of the body.
  • Then draw the character's clothes and accessories; create shady areas to increase the realism and give depth to the drawing.
  • Complete the sketch with the facial features and the look (bright pupil, wrinkled eyes, frowning eyebrows...) to give a specific expression to the face.

The first video tutorials will show you the basic drawing techniques to learn how to graphically represent a human body (male and female), with realistic and harmonious proportions. Then you'll see how to sketch Manga or cartoon characters, easy to reproduce.

How to Draw Figures : How to Draw People Figures

To draw a standing character with the right body proportions, you may want to start by drawing a vertical line divided in 8 sections, each one representing a different part of the body.

For the male figure:

  1. Start with a circle for the head, then a little line (the neck) and the spine.
  2. Add a rectangle for the torso.
  3. Draw another circle just below the torso then another small rectangle.
  4. Add a small circle on each corner of the first rectangle (the shoulders).
  5. Draw the arms then the legs.

For the female figure:

  1. The beginning is the same: a circle for the head, a small line and the spine.
  2. Add a triangle instead of a rectangle for a sleeker torso.
  3. Add a small circle just below the torso then another small rounded triangle for the hips.
  4. Finish with the arms and the legs.

How to Draw a Face – Basic Proportions

Key steps:

  1. Start with a circle.
  2. Draw a line in the middle, bringing it down past to the circle.
  3. Connect both side of the circle with the end of the line to create a jaw line and chin.
  4. Just above the base of the circle, draw a horizontal line.
  5. Divide the part that's under that line in thirds.
  6. Draw the eyes and eyebrows right above the first third.
  7. Add the nose in the first third.
  8. The mouth will be drawn just above the last third.
  9. The ears start at the level of the lower part of the eyebrow and are as long as the nose.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye: Narrated Step By Step

Key steps:

  1. Draw the shape of the eye and add an upper line for the upper eyelid.
  2. Repeat for the lower eyelid.
  3. Draw the iris, making the top of the circle go underneath the upper lid.
  4. Add a highlight to the eye and draw the pupil.
  5. When you're satisfied with the basic shape of the eye, start to add the eye lashes, one at a time. Press the pencil harder for contrast.
  6. Darken a few features then add some details and shadows to the iris, as shown in the demonstration.
  7. Fill in the pupil and shade the lids.

How to Draw a Simple Character (step by step) – For Kids


  • A pencil
  • A black marker
  • A rubber

Key steps:

  1. Start by drawing an oval shaped head, then a neck.
  2. Add a rough rectangle below the neck, a smaller one underneath.
  3. Trace a vertical line in the middle of the head, and a horizontal line just above the centre of the face.
  4. Then draw two small horizontal lines: one for the nose, one for the mouth.
  5. Shape the eyes just below the large horizontal line.
  6. Add more definition to the nose and mouth.
  7. Draw the t-shirt sleeves, add details to the pants and trace the shoes.
  8. Shade the t-shirt's creases. Draw the arms.
  9. Use the black marker to add contrast and definition.
  10. Remove the pencil sketching with a rubber.

Drawing a Basic Manga Girl

The Japanese comic books, known as Manga, have very specific graphical properties. A small mouth, a barely-there nose and huge expressive eyes are their most recognisable features. Here's how to draw this character.

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