How to dance Samba?

The ultimate Brazilian dance, Samba is composed of various basic movements. The following videos will help you learn the basic steps.

Native from Brazil, this simple yet rhythmic dance has many varieties such as Batucada, Reggae Samba Reggae or Coco Samba. Born in Rio de Janeiro's slums at the beginning of the last century, this music and this dance become popular through the carnival and the many samba scools.

Lively and upbeat, the rhythms call to dance with simple basic movements that may speed up eventually. These tutorials will show you how.

How to Do Basic Samba Footwork | Samba Lessons

Key steps:

  1. Step the right foot backward.
  2. Make a little step forward with your left foot.
  3. Bring both feet together.
  4. Step the left foot backward.
  5. Make a little step forward with your right foot.
  6. Bring both feet together.

How to Dance Samba Basics

Key steps:

  1. Be relaxed on your knees.
  2. Swing your right hip back and forward.
  3. Step one foot behind the other then switch.
  4. Make circles with your arms like you're inviting people to dance.

Learn How To Dance Exotic Samba

Key steps:

  1. Step from side to side.
  2. Swing your hips from side to side.
  3. Bounce two times.
  4. Move your shoulders from side to side.
  5. Open your leg to the right side and back, the opposite leg moving to the front.
  6. Swing your arms side to side.

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