How to dance in a club?

It's not always easy to jump on a dance floor when you don't have rhythm in your blood. However, with a little practice and some self-confidence, you'll be able to enjoy dancing boldly on every kind of music.

Some basics to dance in a club:

  • Follow the rhythm of the music under all conditions:

All modern musics in night-clubs have a strong tempo and when you dance, your body moves have to be synced with the beat, just like you clap your hands at a gig.

  • Assume your style and forget about others:

Stand tall and smile without looking down, repeat yourself that everything is allowed as long as your moves are smooth, in rhythm with the music and that you are confident. Don't stop in the middle of a move, avoid remaining still too long and think about bending your arms and legs to look laid-back.

  • Have fun and share:

Don't remain alone in a corner and don't take yourself too seriously because dancing in a club means letting out steam, having fun with a little sense of self-mocking, and conviviality.

  • Feel comfortable:

Beware of the too tight skirt that rips on the first move, the high heels that slide and make you fall on the ground or the sweat patches on your clothes that push people away. Choose a chic and sexy outfit that lets you move freely.

  • Practice at home to improve your dancing moves:

Nothing's better than training in real conditions to overcome apprehension and correct your mistakes. Videotape yourself or dance in front of a mirror. The more you'll repeat your dance moves, the more they'll become natural, and you may also notice some wrong moves easy to avoid.

3 Easy Dance Moves | Beginner Dancing

In this video, Loretta, Ava and Anthony will teach you three easy beginners moves. One step on the left, one step on the right, jump, snap your fingers, clap your hands, drop a shoulder, jump again, raise your arms... As long as you look confident, everything will be just fine.

How To Dance At A Club For Women – The Girly Bounce (Beginners Lesson)

Angela, a confirmed dancer, will teach you how to perform a move called the Girly Bounce. You can reproduce the different steps while watching the video. You may not get it completely right at the first time but after two or three times, you'll see how easy it is. The Girly Bounce works great on many different kinds of dance music.

How to dance at a Club | Hip-Hop How-to

Matt is a choreographer. He's going to show you very simple yet efficient grooves to enjoy a dancing night even if you've never stepped on the floor before. The most important thing is to smile, relax and follow the beat of the music with your body. Step, bounce, slide: those steps are especially great to dance on hip-hop.

Learn Basic Moves You Can Take To The Club!

Put the music on and meet Benjamin Allen, who's going to teach you the perfect night-club moves. The lesson begins with a very simple step, then another one is added, and another one, and so on until you complete a great dancing routine that will make you look like the coolest person in town.

How To Dance In The Club

This one is so much fun: Jem “describes” different types of dancers... chances are you've already met a few of them. And since he really is a good dancer, you can pick some of his moves too!

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