This category is all about gardening courses and trainings. Learn when and how to plant your seeds and become a real gardener, easily and for free !

How to grow salad?

To grow salad in your garden or indoors, whether it's lettuce, rocket, scarole, batavia or frisée, the technique remains the same: you will need to prepare the soil, sow the seeds at the right time and water the seedlings. Read more »

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How to trim a hedge?

The maintenance of conifer or deciduous hedges includes a regular trim to help them regenerate and stay aesthetically pleasing. You will find in the following videos some explanations about the tools and the techniques to trim a hedge. Read more »

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How to make a green wall?

To decorate a house facade or a wall in the living room, green walls are the next big thing outdoors as well as indoors. You will find in the following videos a few ways to make a vertical garden. Read more »

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How to make cuttings from plants?

Cuttings allow you to propagate and duplicate easily your favourite plants. To succeed in making your own cuttings from plants, you'll find some practical informations and basic rules in these videos. Read more »

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How to build a garden path?

Decorative gravel, paving slabs, Japanese stones or wood bark, there are various possibilities to create a little pathway or practical and durable driveway and therefore keep your feet dry in your garden. Read more »

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How to build a greenhouse?

Building your own greenhouse for your backyard or your balcony is not Impossible Mission. To help you achieve such a construction, this article gathers a selection of videos and tutorials describing all stages for different types of greenhouses. Read more »

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How to make a Japanese garden?

Japanese gardens recreate a smaller version of Asian natural landscapes, combining mineral and plant. To design it yourself, the choice and disposition of the plants and of the decorating items are essential. Read more »

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