How to parallel park?

Even if a lot of cars are equipped with parking aid nowadays, the parallel parking, whether it's on the left or the right side of the road, is usually feared by drivers. Before the practice, here are some tips and videos for a concrete demonstration.

The basics:

  • Make sure there's enough room for parallel parking.
  • Switch on the indicator to let people know about your intention.
  • Regularly check the room at the front and at the back of the car, and the traffic conditions during your manœuvre.
  • Spot the dead angles and make sure there's nothing in your way.
  • Take your time and drive smoothly.
  • Centre the car in the parking slot to avoid touching the adjacent vehicles.

LDC driving lesson M6 Parallel parking - key learning points

Key steps:

  1. Choose a safe, legal and convenient location.
  2. Check your mirrors and signal your intentions.
  3. Line your left door mirror up with the end of the target vehicle.
  4. Select reverse gear and start moving slowly alongside the target vehicle until the rear wheels of your car are in line with the back of the other car.
  5. Steer to the left until your car is at a 45° angle with the curb.
  6. Pause, then continue to reverse slowly until your car is parallel to the curb.
  7. Straighten the wheels and stop.

Learn how to Parallel Park

Key steps:

  1. Check for the blind spots and make sure it's safe to park.
  2. Line your window with the end of the target vehicle, leaving at least a 0,5 m space between the two cars.
  3. Put the car into reverse gear.
  4. Move the car slowly then turn the steering wheel half to the left.
  5. When your wing mirror gets to the end of the target car, turn the steering wheel half to the right.
  6. Do one full turn of the steering wheel to the right.
  7. When your car is straight, do one turn to the left and stop.

Parallel Parking – How To Parallel Park (UK)

Key steps:

  1. Get parallel to the target car then slowly move your vehicle backwards, using your wing mirror as a guide to the point of turn.
  2. Continue backwards, with the steering wheel full lock to the left.
  3. Straighten the wheels and get the car close to the curb.
  4. Steer right full lock and get your car parallel to the curb.

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