How to install a roof box on a car?

Attached to the roof racks or the roof bars, a roof box installation is easy and doesn't require any tools but the fixing system may differ from one design to another. These videos will show you how to install some of the most common models.


  • Make sure the roof bars are compatible with the roof box you chose.
  • Check that the roof load (roof box empty) stays below the maximum authorised.
  • Install the roof box so it doesn't get in the way when opening the boot.
  • Secure bags and suitcases with straps and load the heaviest baggage in the boot.
  • Lubricate the locks and mechanism from time to time.

KAMEI roof box T-track adapter – How to fitting guide

Key steps:

  1. Open the aero bar end and slide the T-track bolt into the T-slot.
  2. Lift the roof box to access the base slider.
  3. Line up the T-track bolt to the marked hole.
  4. Insert the retaining bolt and hold in place.
  5. Attach the wing nuts, keeping them loose.
  6. Repeat for each fixing bolt.
  7. Slide the box across the bars to fit the opposite side.
  8. Position the box accordingly on the bars.
  9. Tighten all 8 wing nuts hand tight.
  10. Shut and lock the box.

Karrite Odyssey 325 roof box – How to fit on steel roof bars

Key steps:

  1. Place the roof box on the steel roof bars.
  2. Open it the roof box.
  3. Fit all four U-bolts.
  4. Keep them loose to position the roof box afterwards.
  5. Once the roof box is positioned, tighten all eight wing nuts.
  6. Apply an adhesive cover to each unused hole in the base.
  7. When loading the roof box, make sure nothing obstructs the locks and struts.

Thule Dynamic Roof Box |

Key steps:

  1. Place the roof box on the roof bars.
  2. Open it.
  3. Tighten the clamping bolts until they click.
  4. Load your roof box.
  5. Secure the luggage with the straps.
  6. Make sure the roof box is locked.

How to fit a roof box |

This video gives numerous advices and explanations on how to choose and install roof bars according to the model of the car you own, the overload, the extra-height, and how removing them when not using them is a good way to save fuel.

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Peter124 commentaire ajouté le 05/08/2017 à 22h03

Excellent videos. Roofboxes look easy to install but when it actually comes to it, they are actually a lot harder than you think! I bought the thule force premium which I think is the best roofbox available on the market today!

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