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Learn how to maintain and fix your car, your motorbike or your bike, thanks to this dedicated category. Draining the motor oil, changing a bike tire or checking levels, get to learn the basics !

How to install a roof box on a car?

Attached to the roof racks or the roof bars, a roof box installation is easy and doesn't require any tools but the fixing system may differ from one design to another. These videos will show you how to install some of the most common models. Read more »

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How to wash a car?

Whether it's for regular maintenance or a deep clean, it's not easy to wash your car by yourself without having to go to a car wash centre. For a dull car body or a very dirty interior, specialised products and techniques are available. Read more »

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How to clean car rims?

To remove oil, tar and brake dust from your car rims, it is important to use a good quality product, the appropriate tools and to follow the manufacturer's recommended steps. Read more »

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How to shift gears on a motorcycle?

Shifting gears on a motorbike is done with a move of the left foot on the clutch and a coordination of the brakes, the gears and the acceleration. To help you begin with this technique, here is a selection of videos. Read more »

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How to install a trailer hitch?

Both a mechanical and electrical system, a hitch enables a vehicle to pull a trailer, a caravan, a boat, a bicycle rack. The installation can be more or less complicated, depending of the model of the car. It should be reserved to experienced people. Read more »

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How not to stall when starting a car?

Young drivers are often afraid of stalling when starting a car, especially on sloping roads or heavy traffic. However, with some practice and persistence, they will soon move their car without even thinking about it. Read more »

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How to install a bike rack on a car?

Must-have tool during holiday trips, bike racks come in three main models: roof mounting, rear mounting and tow mounting. Find out, in these demonstration videos, how to install them on a car. Read more »

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How to install a car radio?

Quite easy to do by yourself with a standard model, installing a car radio can turn into a nightmare when the connections do no fit properly with the car's cables. You'll find some solutions here, from the simple replacement to the Bluetooth technology. Read more »

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How to replace your car's brake pads?

Brake pads are part of a car's security features you have to check regularly and replace when worn. Here are some tutorials to help you repair your vehicle. Read more »

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How to check the tyres tread wear?

To make sure you drive safely, regularly checking the tyres tread wear is a simple process. In case of bald tyres, it's vital and legally required to replace them as soon as possible. Read more »

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