How to apply foundation?

Whether it's liquid, compact or powder foundations, they come in many colours and textures, for all skin types. These videos describe different methods such as sponge, brush or finger for you to achieve a flawless and glowing complexion.

Our tips:

  • Always try the foundation before buying it. To choose the right colour for you, apply a little foundation on your jawline (not on the wrist, contrary to one might think), on day light.
  • Apply the foundation on a thoroughly cleansed skin.
  • Regularly exfoliate your face to refine the skin texture and remove dead cells.
  • Apply a moisturiser on bare skin first to make the foundation last longer.
  • Stretch the foundation from the centre of your face, moving outwards.
  • Carefully blend the edges on the hair line and the neck for an even skin tone.
  • To apply blush, smile to reveal your cheekbones

How to Apply Foundation – Beginners 101 – Easy Step by Step

This very complete video explains different techniques to apply foundation. Making sure your skin (face and neck) is moisturised is the very first step.

Tools and products:

  • Foundation brush
  • Large powder brush
  • Blending sponge
  • Primer
  • Liquid foundation
  • Pressed powder foundation
  • Concealer
  • Matt powder
  • Translucent powder

Key steps:

  1. Apply a small amount of primer on your face.
  2. Shake the foundation bottle before using it.
  3. Dab a few dots of foundation on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.
  4. Pat the foundation all over your face with a brush.
  5. Run what's left on the brush down your neck.
  6. Apply concealer underneath the eyes and blend it with a brush, a sponge or your fingers.
  7. Sweep a little powder all over for a more natural finish.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation – LifeWithPeach

In this video, you'll see how to apply foundation depending on the coverage you want: light (with your hands), or medium to full (using a sponge or a brush).

Tools and products:

  • Sponge
  • Foundation brush
  • Moisturiser
  • Primer
  • Liquid foundation

Key steps, using your hands:

  1. Start by moisturising your face.
  2. Use a little primer if you want.
  3. Shake the foundation bottle.
  4. Pour a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand.
  5. Apply the foundation on your face and spread it in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Blend carefully to avoid streaks, using a “spread and pat” motion.

Key steps, using a sponge:

  1. Soak the sponge in water then squeeze it.
  2. Shake the foundation bottle.
  3. Pour some foundation on the back of your hand.
  4. Use the sponge to pick some foundation.
  5. Dab it on your face and pat all over with a bouncing motion.

Key steps, with a brush:

  1. Shake the foundation bottle.
  2. Pour a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand.
  3. Take the foundation with the tip of the brush.
  4. Blend it with short “spread and pat” strokes.

How To Apply Foundation / Before And After / NYX Face Awards 2014 Entry

In this video, you'll learn how to achieve a perfect complexion using different colours of foundation. This technique is called “contouring”.

Tools and products:

  • Foundation brushes
  • Powder brushes
  • Sponge
  • Moisturiser
  • Eye cream
  • Lip balm
  • Stick foundation (different shades)
  • Translucent and dark pressed powder
  • Light loose powder

Key steps:

  1. Apply moisturiser all over your face.
  2. Pat some eye cream underneath your eyes with your ring finger.
  3. Moisturise your lips with balm.
  4. Apply the cool undertone foundation down your cheeks, on your forehead and your chin.
  5. Use the warm foundation colour on your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose and your hair line.
  6. Blend with a brush.
  7. Apply the contrasting colours (light and dark) as shown.
  8. Thoroughly blend with a dense brush.
  9. Set the foundation with translucent powder and a brush.
  10. Apply light loose powder with a sponge to set the highlights.
  11. Set the contour with dark pressed powder.
  12. Sweep a large brush all over your face to dust excess of powder off.

How To Apply Foundation (Tan Indian Skin/ Medium-Dark Brown Skin)

See how to apply foundation in just two minutes.

Tools and products:

  • Moisturiser
  • Primer
  • Foundation (one to match your skin tone, plus a darker one and a lighter one)
  • Foundation brush
  • Pressed powder

Key steps:

  1. Moisturise your face.
  2. Apply a primer.
  3. Use your fingers to apply the foundation on the centre of your face and blend it outwards.
  4. Blend the foundation on your jawline and hair line.
  5. Use some darker foundation on the outer edges for a slimming effect.
  6. Blend it with a brush.
  7. Apply the light foundation on the centre of your face to give a glow.
  8. Blend again.
  9. Brush pressed powder over the foundation to set it.

This article to learn how to apply foundation was written by Cécile Lessard

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