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How to tie a bow tie?

Worn on a classy shirt with a suit or on a cardigan for a more casual look, the bow tie, when not ready-made, can be tricky to be tied properly. Read more »

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How to apply eye make-up?

Soft, bold or wild, a perfect makeup enhances and opens your eyes on all circumstances. Discover our beauty tips to magnify your eyes and learn the right moves through our selected tutorials. Read more »

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How to apply foundation?

Whether it's liquid, compact or powder foundations, they come in many colours and textures, for all skin types. These videos describe different methods such as sponge, brush or finger for you to achieve a flawless and glowing complexion. Read more »

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How to avoid pimples on the face?

How should we take care of our skin to prevent ungraceful pimples from turning up in our face? Find out, in this article, beauty advices and simple methods to fight skin issues naturally. Read more »

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How to remove dark circles under the eyes?

Getting rid of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes can be done with a healthy lifestyle, simple gestures and natural products. You can also consider cosmetic surgery to shape your eyes. Everyone has their own method. Read more »

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How to trim a beard and a moustache?

To save a visit at the barber and maintain your own beard and moustache every day, find out, in these videos, the right gestures and different tools available for a successful and skin-friendly shaving. Read more »

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How to curl your hair?

Big gorgeous glamorous curls or simple natural waves? In these videos you'll see a few techniques to sculpt your hair, using different tools for a perfect hold. Read more »

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How to braid your hair in various styles?

There are many different ways to braid your (or someone's) hair, therefore it's not that easy to choose one. Basic, fishtail, French,... and depending on your hair length, they all have their own features to make them unique. Read more »

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