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How to change guitar strings?

Your guitar doesn't sound the same or the strings are dirty, so it's time to replace them. These tutorials will help you restring your guitar whether it's an acoustic, classical, electric or bass guitar. Read more »

  • Added on 09/15/2015

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How to dance waltz?

Often used to open the ball during a wedding party, waltz is a three-way dance that, in spite of its apparent simplicity, reveals dance steps and technical actions which have to be realised with precision, in coordination with the dance partner. Read more »

  • Added on 09/08/2015

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How to sing high notes?

Learning how to sing high notes in tune and in a melodious way requires some practice. Some techniques and exercises will enable you to increase your range and reach higher notes without hoarseness. Read more »

  • Added on 09/01/2015

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How to install a roller shutter?

Installing rolling shutters on a window or a door is a good way to improve thermal insulation and soundproofing, add a protection against intrusion and easily control interior light. Read more »

  • Added on 08/25/2015


How to make a volcano?

This article provides tutorials to learn how to create a volcano out of paper maché or dough, and even in Minecraft. There's also a video that explains the phenomenon of underwater volcanoes. Read more »

  • Added on 08/18/2015

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How to make a bow?

From the conception of the string to the arrow's and the wood work, making a bow requires either technique or good guidelines. It's also possible to build one out of natural materials in survival conditions. Read more »

  • Added on 08/11/2015

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How to install a sliding door?

Decorative and convenient, sliding doors enable space optimization. Whether it's glass, wood, aluminium or PVC, the door slides on a track fixed on the ground or suspended, mounted on a frame or with full access sliding (integrated into the wall). Read more »

  • Added on 08/06/2015


How to change a fuse?

When an electrical device doesn't work anymore, the problem may come from a faulty or blown fuse on the electrical board. Let's see how to detect that kind of failure… read more »

How to make paper flowers?

Paper flowers are easy to make and won't require too many supplies or tools. They're delicately crafted from various papers (crepe, tissue, napkins) you'll cut or fold, according to the… read more »

How to build a drywall?

This article will give you a few advices and tips on how to build a drywall. We've also selected tutorials to help you out, so you'll see the different techniques… read more »

How to make a bookmark?

Enough with the old ripped piece of paper or the expensive model from the store. Making your own creative bookmarks is trendy! You'll find various ideas and guidelines in the… read more »

How to apply foundation?

Whether it's liquid, compact or powder foundations, they come in many colours and textures, for all skin types. These videos describe different methods such as sponge, brush or finger for… read more »

How to grow salad?

To grow salad in your garden or indoors, whether it's lettuce, rocket, scarole, batavia or frisée, the technique remains the same: you will need to prepare the soil, sow the… read more »

How to charge a car battery?

You forgot to turn the light off in your car and now it doesn't want to start because the battery's dead... Don't worry, this guide will show you different ways… read more »

How to make a costume?

Whether it's for Halloween, a carnival or a costume party, disguise enthusiasts will find, in this article, ideas and tutorials to craft cheap customised costumes. read more »