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How to change guitar strings?

Your guitar doesn't sound the same or the strings are dirty, so it's time to replace them. These tutorials will help you restring your guitar whether it's an acoustic, classical, electric or bass guitar. Read more »

  • Added on 09/15/2015

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How to dance waltz?

Often used to open the ball during a wedding party, waltz is a three-way dance that, in spite of its apparent simplicity, reveals dance steps and technical actions which have to be realised with precision, in coordination with the dance partner. Read more »

  • Added on 09/08/2015

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How to sing high notes?

Learning how to sing high notes in tune and in a melodious way requires some practice. Some techniques and exercises will enable you to increase your range and reach higher notes without hoarseness. Read more »

  • Added on 09/01/2015

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How to install a roller shutter?

Installing rolling shutters on a window or a door is a good way to improve thermal insulation and soundproofing, add a protection against intrusion and easily control interior light. Read more »

  • Added on 08/25/2015


How to make a volcano?

This article provides tutorials to learn how to create a volcano out of paper maché or dough, and even in Minecraft. There's also a video that explains the phenomenon of underwater volcanoes. Read more »

  • Added on 08/18/2015

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How to make a bow?

From the conception of the string to the arrow's and the wood work, making a bow requires either technique or good guidelines. It's also possible to build one out of natural materials in survival conditions. Read more »

  • Added on 08/11/2015

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How to install a sliding door?

Decorative and convenient, sliding doors enable space optimization. Whether it's glass, wood, aluminium or PVC, the door slides on a track fixed on the ground or suspended, mounted on a frame or with full access sliding (integrated into the wall). Read more »

  • Added on 08/06/2015


How to make a clown face?

For adults as well as for kids, dressing up is a fun and pleasant time. To create a clown costume, all eccentricities are permitted, as long as the colours and… read more »

How to make a pompom?

To use as an ornament or a clothing accessory (hat, fancy dress), a pompom made out of yarn, fabric or paper is easy to make in a few minutes and… read more »

How to wash a car?

Whether it's for regular maintenance or a deep clean, it's not easy to wash your car by yourself without having to go to a car wash centre. For a dull… read more »

How to trim a hedge?

The maintenance of conifer or deciduous hedges includes a regular trim to help them regenerate and stay aesthetically pleasing. You will find in the following videos some explanations about the… read more »

How to apply eye make-up?

Soft, bold or wild, a perfect makeup enhances and opens your eyes on all circumstances. Discover our beauty tips to magnify your eyes and learn the right moves through our… read more »

How to make a braided bracelet?

Essential feature of the summer, fancy braided bracelets can be created using traditional techniques of braiding. Friendship, fishtail, Kumihimo or wish bracelets: we'll show you a few ways to realise… read more »

How to build a pergola?

Enjoying your garden in the shade of a flowered pergola is one of the most pleasant things. Easy to install, whether it a kit or custom-made, a wood pergola will… read more »

How to install a garden fence?

There are many options if you want to close or define your garden area with a fence. Whether it's metal or wooden fence, these video tutorials will show you the… read more »